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Winning Faces is the professional photo studio for business portraits, that comes to you. Need a corporate headshot photographer? We’d love to work with you. See samples below, learn a bit more about us, or get a quick quote.

Headshot photographs are one of the basics of being in business; the headshot lets people put a face to the name. While this may seem obvious and simplistic, this fundamental little thing – the ability to see the faces of the people you’re dealing with – speaks directly to some very primal, immutable laws of psychology. Like it or not, people make judgements about you instinctively, subconsciously, and very quickly. A good head shot photograph “shortcuts” this process, by conveying trustworthiness and authenticity in a way that words or other elements on their own, cannot.

But you already know all of this – that’s why you’re here. You’re probably wondering who to use for your headshots – and how to choose!

On the face of it, corporate headshots are simple. You stand someone in front of the camera, and away you go. Some photographers may love telling you that they have all the latest and greatest high-tech gear – and while it’s important to have gear that is reliable and capable of high quality results, it’s quite possible to make decent headshots with a cheap camera, one lens, and one light (or even natural light, if used properly).

So if good business headshots are not about the camera, what are they about? Does the photographer need to have some magical gift? Or perhaps years of experience will make it a “sure thing”?

Having an eye for a good image is certainly an asset. Experience even more so (we’ve created thousands of headshots over nearly fifteen years).

This is one job you don’t want to entrust to some kid who’s fresh out of photography college (or worse, has just decided they’re not cut for working in a cubicle, and got themselves a new camera and hung their shingle out). The cost of getting it wrong, is far more than just the price of the photography. Imagine the embarrassment and inconvenience of having to ask everyone to come back and pose for photographs again because you made a poor choice the first time around!

But the truth is, there’s no magic formula to good corporate headshot photography. Anyone that tries to sell you one, is pulling your leg. A top-notch corporate portrait is created by understanding the fundamental principles, and executing all of them thoughtfully and correctly. The technical side – camera, lens, lighting, and digital processing – is one piece of the puzzle. Building a quick rapport with the subject and letting them feel comfortable and participate in the process, is another.

Ultimately the “secret sauce” lies in putting all of these elements together – and most importantly – doing it consistently, i.e. every time.

And then of course there are the “little things”, that are not little at all. A photographer that turns up late, smells strange, or has an accident but no insurance, could all make life uncomfortable for you.

So… at the end of the day, how can you be sure you’ve found the right photographer? There are two simple ways: A solid list of satisfied clients from organisations of various sizes and types, and a “set in stone” guarantee that reverses any risk for you (we have both).

It would be an honour to be chosen to look after your head shot photography. The process is fun (and we always enjoy ourselves!), but we also take seriously the job of helping your people to look their best.

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